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Child Safety and protection using Parental Control tools
Mobile Monitoring

Monitor and start Spying over Mobile in Minutes

Mobile Spying or Monitoring are such features of applications which let you to view activities of Mobile of person. Spying including Live Location tracking or person, view past, recent, live activities of mobile phone. For this Mobile Spying application need to be installed on the Mobile you want to monitor or track. Read More

Child Safety

Protect Child from Online Bullying and Abuse

Parental Control are the such features which let the parent to control the content their child may access or view on mobile, comptuer etc. Parents under Parental Control may restrict access of certain kind of contents, applications, games, programs etc. Spy applications generally comes with features of Parental Control. Generally you will find two kind of spy and monitoring applicaitons on internet. Read More

Monitoring a Mobile phone and seeing its records online from anywhere
Live Access

Live Monitoring of Mobile from Anywhere in the world

Spying & Monitoring with Live Access to Monitored device from anywhere of the world is a important factor to decide which app to use for monitoring. Live Access features are such features which let the user to have live viewing control of monitored device he is responsible for. Live Access to monitored device may let you browse the mobile for photos, videos, files. Viewing and downloadig capabilities of these files. Read More